Respite Care & Short-Term Accommodation

At AAAR Ability Assist we have a number of comfortable short-term accommodation properties available for our participants. 
All our properties are located close to cafes, public transports, and park areas. 

Activities Available at our Accommodation 

We make sure that our participants get an opportunity to meet new people and feel at home away from home. Our participants get to try new activities like:

  • Watching movies 
  • Visiting shopping centres 
  • Having a meal at a nearby café 
  • Walking to the beach 
  • Playing a sport 
  • Checking local attractions.


Contact us to know more about the options available for you.



Our consultants make sure that all our participant’s individual needs are met. These include taking care of 

  • Participant’s medication timings and needs 
  • Participant’s personal needs like bathing and dressing 
  • Participant’s meal preparation and cooking 
  • Participant’s dietary requirements. 


We also provide the above-mentioned support in the comfort of your own home if you do not wish to stay in our properties. 


Length of stay 

Our participants have the option of staying at our property for their desired period of stay from a day to a month as per their NDIS funding. 


Support for children and adults 

We provide support to children and adults both and so our participants stay with others of their age making them more comfortable. There is something for every age group. 

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