Innovative Community Participation

At AAAR Ability Assist, we strongly advocate inclusivity and ensure it at a grassroot level. We intend to immerse the differently abled people with all groups of people by diminishing their existing hindrances. We aim at ascertaining that their mobility issues do not have implications on their overall well-being. Thus, as a provider advocating integrity and respect, we intend to include our differently abled community by easing their participation in community programmes. Hence, we encourage every person with a disability to never feel confined but remain confident to thrive in every aspect of life.

A disability is not a barrier for anyone living their life to the fullest. We provide community participation supports in the following:

  • Recreation  
  • Peer support  
  • Life choices  
  • Active ageing  
  • Community access programs  
  • Vacation care  
  • Out of School Hours Care (OOSHC)  
  • Weekend programs  
  • Flexible respite  
  • Centre based respite  
  • Group fitness

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