Specialised Disability Accommodation

Specialised Disability Accommodation refers to the type of accommodation where we intend to provide high-intensity and specialized assistance for our participants. This type of disability housing is preferable for people with extreme functional impairment or high support needs. 

To gain access to Specialised Disability Accommodation, people in need of such support will require an NDIS plan. Once access has been granted, our team works with them to develop an individualized strategy and even help them in their search for an appropriate property. We also provide assistance in finalizing the rent and utility costs as per the Commonwealth Disability Support Pension and Rent Assistance payments. 

Short Term Accommodation (STA)

Short term accommodation can help alleviate stress in relationships by allowing a short-term socializing opportunity. Thus, our services extend to the people living in far-flung areas, providing them with chances to socialise and grow in a culturally diverse environment. This accommodation also provides all the services and facilitates the differently abled in all ways possible. 

Our Services include but not limited to:

  • Short term respite in a supported facility
  • Regular, ongoing respite care
  • Emergency respite care
  • Respite for carers 


Our short-term accommodation includes

  • Personal care
  • Accommodation
  • Food/Meal plan as per your requirement


Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Supported Independent Living (SIL) Services provide support for daily tasks.  We offer Supported Independent Living to our participants who are looking for more choice and control over their lives. SIL is different from STA and SDA in that the services are mostly provided for those who are already living in a private space. Those sharing a space with family are also included in this category. SIL intends to provide services to people who qualify for SIL category in their own chosen place of living. Our NDIS Planning managers are available to answer queries related to eligibility criteria as well as the services that can be tailored to meet the clients’ requirements. 

Medium Term Accommodation (MTA)

Medium Term Accommodation (MTA) provided by LAA allows differently abled people to find a transitory accommodation before they move into a permanent abode. Such a phase of accommodation can be a phase where either our clients are moving from another city or area, or finding space after getting discharged from the hospital. Although we are here to assist our clients in every way, those who wish to stay in MTA are responsible for meeting their own food and everyday living costs from their own income rather than NDIS plan.

Assistive equipment for recreation

Assistive technology can be classified as a device or system that provides practical solutions to everyday life activities. It can increase, maintain, or improve independence and safety by enabling people to perform tasks that they have difficulty with, or were previously unable to accomplish on their own.

Assistive technology can be low-tech, such as communication boards, or high-tech, such as specialised power wheelchairs. Choosing the right device or system depends on a number of factors including individual abilities, the environment in which it will be used, and what one wants to achieve. As always, our support team is available to create a plan that caters to your needs. 


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