Household Tasks

While our mechanical support allows people to be independent, we are fully cognizant of how our services might be needed in order to comprehend and efficiently operate and monitor the latest technology. Professional developers of our products impart information about handling and operating the devices. The experienced professionals are also well-versed in conducting trainings and assist the disabled people in executing daily tasks and override daily challenges smoothly. We arrange for, assist, and train disabled people to perform and learn elementary household tasks. 

Anticipating that household tasks are often demanding and stressful for people with disability, we try our best to blend comfort while performing daily house chores. Since our products maintain a focus on the ease of the clients, the training services are also tailor-made to fill the particular needs of the individuals and often custom-made to fulfil daily, weekly or monthly needs. 

As much as we believe in the extraordinary strength of differently abled people, we are also available to cater for your needs in multiple ways. We aim at providing friendly support squad who can aid in optimizing the household errands, consequentially making them simple. If you wish to try our trusted services, our consultants will talk about your needs and chalk out a daily household activity plan that can help you and, at the same time, allow us to deliver the best experience.

Our household tasks service includes but not limited to:

  • Cleaning
  • Dishwashing
  • Ironing
  • Garden maintenance 
  • Clothes
  • Home maintenance 
  • Spring cleaning

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